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It is critical to choose the right home inspector for one of the most important decisions and financial investments that you will ever make. I hope you'll have good reason to make Keystone Home Inspection that choice if you live in the Greater Cleveland area of Northeast Ohio. As a Cleveland Area Home Inspection service, we take a personal interest in our work and treat you like family. We are proud to be a Lake County home inspector and serve many other Northeast Ohio counties including Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lorain, Medina, Portage and Summit. See a map of our service area here»

Why use Keystone Home Inspection?

As your Cleveland area house inspector, it is our job to look out for you. This means, informing you of anything that may be wrong with the home you are looking to purchase. Being a local Cleveland home inspections professional, I know many of the builders and contractors in the area, so if something needs repaired, I can recommend someone that I trust.

When you are buying an Ohio home, you are making one of the largest investments of your life. You need peace of mind that your new home is a safe investment and won't end up costing you large amounts of money down the line. A plumbing or foundation inspection can uncover repairs that are needed to fix small problems today. If these repairs are undetected, it could cost you thousands of dollars down the line. You need a home inspections professional that knows what to look for and has your best interest at hand.

How can a home inspection help you make the right decision?

You are in good hands with an ASHI accredited member who is also certified by the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. My specialty is in the residential construction industry. I have been serving and studying this industry for years and I know what to look for in my Cleveland home inspections. To reach member status with ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) I passed the National Home Inspection Exam, the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics Exams and completed no fewer than 250 fee paid home Inspections right here in the greater Cleveland area. It is this kind of ongoing education that alerts me to changes in Cleveland home inspections guidelines. New guidelines come out every year for all kinds of different products that are hitting the home market.

Latest News & Blog

  • Fall Is The Best Time To Inspect A House

    “Location, location, location!” It’s the battle cry and the mantra for everyone and anyone who “knows” real estate. Experience with buying a home will also likely teach you that the “best” time to go house-hunting is usually going to be around Springtime, when the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and kids are getting ready for their summer vacations. But the savvy home shopper, after a little consideration will realize that all of these things add up to one simple truth: if you want a real deal, do your shopping and set your appointment with Inspections By Keystone in the Fall!

  • Home Inspections Warning Signs

    With buying a new home being one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make, it is important that you choose the right home inspector before going through with the purchase. There are some warning signs that a house you may love could need more work than meets the eye. If you live in Northeast Ohio or the greater Cleveland area, then Keystone Inspection is a clear choice. We take a personal interest in our work and treat you like family as we are also located in the Cleveland area and know it best. We are exceedingly proud to be Lake County home inspector that serves many northeastern Ohio counties such as Geauga, Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain, Portage, and Summit.

  • Home Inspection During the Covid 19 Pandemic

    It’s safe to say that the Covid 19 Pandemic has complicated all of our lives in one way or another. This pandemic complication includes home inspections. Some agencies are advocating for no home inspections to be done at all during the pandemic, but that isn’t really feasible. Not doing a home inspection leaves you open for liability for repairs, whether you are the buyer or the seller of a home. If you need to have a home inspection done, what should you do? What has changed because of the pandemic? We’ve got some information on home inspections in the wake of Covid 19.


"Greg has performed numerous home inspections for not only my company, but for friends and family. I have heard nothing but positive feedback. For a very thorough and efficient home inspection, I would highly recommend Keystone Home Inspection."
-Enzo Perfetto, Enzoco Homes
"My wife and I were looking at an older home here in Cleveland and we found Greg's company on the Internet. Greg gave us a very thorough inspection of the home and alerted us to future repairs on the home that would be needed. This helped us make an informed decision on what we were buying an we are very grateful for this. I would recommend him to any friend who may need Cleveland home inspections."
"We called Keystone Home Inspection because we had friends that had recommended Greg and his company. One thing that impressed us about Keystone was how thorough he was about inspecting every last detail in our new home. No stone was left unturned with his report. He covered everything including advising us on future repairs that would be needed down the road. We are very happy with Greg Kolar's company, Keystone and would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality Cleveland Home Inspections Company."

Keystone Home Inspection is proud to be a home inspector in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area including Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Lake County, Lorain County, Medina County, Portage County, and Summit County.

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