7 Home Inspection Tips for Buyers and Homeowners

Home inspection is an important part of acquiring or selling a property and can be a deal breaker for the buyer or the seller. For this reason, many people involved in the process of buying or selling a home are terrified of them. For homeowners looking to sell their property, for example, the inspection process will force them to face the issues they have been ignoring. Those acquiring a new home may be disappointed by a home inspection report for a home they've been hoping to buy for years. But the home inspection process need not be stressful.

Inspections are meant to document and point out the issues within your home. To get the most of it, you need to work closely with your home inspector.

For Homeowners

Make a point of cleaning up

Whether you are going to be present during the process, you need to make an effort to clean up. Your home doesn't have to be squeaky clean as the inspector is not going to be concerned with the grime, dirt, and stains. But you may need to tidy up and get rid of the clutter because it is important that the home buyer finds the house clean and tidy. The inspection might be the first time the buyer gets the time to look at the property, and first impressions count. You don't want the buyer to find you struggling to locate things under all the mess.

pets should not be in the way

You need to make a point of ensuring that your cats and dogs are not in the way. While your pets may be adorable, and even in situations where the home inspector loves pets, they will be in the way. They are going to be distracting and make the inspector's work much harder to do.

Inspectors have to walk from room to room throughout the house as they work. Your pets might use this opportunity to dash through the doors. If you will not be present throughout inspection, it is best that you take your pets with you.

for home sellers

you can fix virtually any issue

For years, homeowners have been warned about the dangers of mold and asbestos. As a result, these risks can make home buyers apprehensive about acquiring a new home. But it can also make home buyers lose out on great opportunities.

A Washington Post story demonstrated how a buyer was able to acquire a home at a discount because, in Maryland, homeowners looking to sell their property are required to disclose if it has mold. The house had been in the market for two months, and because the potential buyer was confident he could address the problem, he saw it as an opportunity.

Of course, mold can be problematic. People are terrified of mold because it can cause respiratory problems and allergies. But experts maintain that you need not worry too much about it. If you understand the nature and implications of the issue, you will be in a better position to fix it.

Address Water Issues

Ensure that water related issues are addressed on time. Just like mold, issues with water and leaks around the home can be fixed. However, you need to make a note of them and have them fixed during or after the inspection. One of the most critical issues related to water is puddles forming near the foundation. This can be challenging to address and, furthermore, the longer you wait, the greater the damage will be. So make a note of leaks in the roof, puddles near the foundation, and any other issues concerned with moisture.

keep gutters clean

You also need to keep your gutters clean and functional to avoid water issues. Gutters are critical in ensuring that water flows away from the roof and away from the house, so check for drips, water accumulation, and loose areas. Failing to fix these issues can cause problems with the roof, insulation, walls, and even the lawn. The damage caused by poorly maintained gutters can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. It should be noted, however, that most issues can be fixed at a reasonable cost if identified in time.

Home inspectors Don't have all the answers

An inspection can give a reliable report of what is required in your house before you can sell it, but inspectors cannot see everything. They can only give a rough estimate based on their professional analysis. Your home inspector can only give you an estimation of how long they think your roof will last, in other words. They can't give a precise answer about the precise time it will have to be replaced. The assessment is meant to give you an idea on the condition of these aspects of your home, not a guaranteed outline to determine exactly when to fix issues.

be aware of your sentiment

When confronted with all these issues, it can be challenging to make a rational assessment of your home. That's especially true if you are sentimental about the property you are about to sell. Remember that your inspector's job is to come up with a report. The purpose of the report is to serve as a to-do list of the things that needs to be fixed around your home.

You might be stressed out by the number of repairs that you need to do before selling the property, but virtually anything can be fixed. The to-do list from the inspector doesn't have to be taken on all at once, either. You can take your time and address each item step by step. You'll see why home inspections don't need to be frightening. So breathe in and take your time when making these important decisions about selling your house.

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