Cuyahoga County Home Inspector - 10 Typical Issues Found

There are some issues found during many home inspections in Cuyahoga County, and elsewhere in the United States. No matter where you live, there are just going to be some issues that homes commonly have because of being used, out in the elements, and maintained at different intervals. If you are about to hire a Cuyahoga County home inspector, make sure you go with him or her to look at these areas of the home.

Pay special attention to these issues commonly found during home inspections:

Issue #1 – Wiring Hiccups

Older homes are especially vulnerable to wiring issues, and if problems are found, they must be addressed urgently.

Issue #2 – Roof Problems

Roofs need proper care and maintenance to stay strong. If the inspection shows a roofing problem, you will need to call out a professional roofing company to take a look.

Issue #3 – HVAC

Defects Older units that have not been serviced or maintained properly, or units that are too small for the building they are being used on are commonly found during home inspections and need to be corrected for safety and comfort.

Issue #4 – Glitches in the Plumbing

Outdated plumbing or leaks are commonly noticed during home inspections, and repairs or replacements are considered things that need to be fixed quickly.

Issue #5 – Insulation

If your home is not properly insulated, you need to make sure to get more insulation added as soon as you are able. This improves your comfort and lowers utility costs.

Issue #6 – Lack of Maintenance

During a home inspection, if the home itself has not been maintained, it can lead to bigger problems. This can lead to homes not being up to code, which can be an expensive, yet immediately necessary, fix.

Issue #7 – Improper Drainage

Your home needs to have sloping ground around it that keeps the water flowing away from the house when rain or snow hit. If the ground slopes towards the house, it can keep water in, causing problems with water in the house. Sometimes longer downspouts can help, but other time, more serious repairs must be made.

Issue #8 – Window Problems

Water leaking in can mean big problems during a home inspection, as it often spells mold. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Issue #9 – Structural Damage

This is common, especially in older buildings. The location of the damage and its severity will determine how quickly it must be addressed.

Issue #10 – Environmental Hazards

Each home inspection looks for hazards to the home, the people, and the land. If any are found that pose a danger, they must be addressed quickly for safety purposes.

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