Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Maintaining the Life and Value of your Home

Although our Ohio weather is not screaming “Spring is here”, things are really starting to bloom. I have compiled a list of some of the common things I look for when I’m performing a home inspection. So get your coat on and get outside for some important spring home maintenance.  

Starting from the top down:

  • Did any shingles blow off during our cold and windy Cleveland winter? Do you have a Slate or Wood shake roof? These should be checked for any slipping, missing or cracked tiles. Don’t forget about the flashing around your chimneys etc. Keeping the flashing flush and properly installed keeps water from penetrating through the seams.  
  • While checking out the roof, evaluate your gutters. Your gutters protect your home by guiding the water in a controlled fashion away from your home. Whether they are clogged from leftover Fall leaves or shifted away from the home due to the heavy ice conditions in Winter, damage to your gutter system will lead to costly repairs down the line. 
  • Windows and doors take a silent beating in the colder months. Weather stripping, gaskets and seals may have been compromised over the winter. Check to see if any of these seals have disintegrated, slipped or even disappeared. Don’t overlook your garage door during this inspection. The strip that runs along the base of the overhead door serves a valuable purpose in the overall performance of the door. The key to Spring maintenance is catching any potential problems early. 
  • Inspect the overall condition of your wood decks, stairs and fences. Be sure that none of the planks show sign of softness or rotting. Even your concrete driveways and stamped patios need an evaluation to be sure that there is no damage that needs mending. Asphalt driveways need annual preventative maintenance.  
  • Peeling paint is a common sign of our harsh Northeast Ohio winter weather. Look for this along each side of your home and garage. Don't forget about the trim work and shutters. Touchup painting is easy to do, inexpensive and adds abundantly to the curb appeal of your home. 
  • As you walk the perimeter of your home, stop and look over your AC unit. Check for ice damage to the exterior fins and any excessive corrosion. Maintaining the complete HVAC system in your home, can help keep the value of your home at its peak. Seek a professional if you note any type of leaks or torn elements, hoses etc. 
  • Water, water everywhere...A proper Spring inspection always comes back to the maintenance and the controlling of water in and near your home. Spring is a good time to re-evaluate the overall exterior grading and make the needed corrections. Pay attention to where water is accumulating when snow is melting. We want water to discharge a minimum of 6-8ft away from the home and should not pool anywhere near the foundation. 

As an ASHI member accredited home inspector, I am abreast of the new guidelines that come out every year for all kinds of different products that are hitting the home market. Keystone Home Inspections looks forward to helping you with your Spring Home Maintenance InspectionOur Cleveland home inspectors can give you advice and assistance that is cost-effective and valuable to the overall health and safety of the house you call home!

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