Where To Start Your Home Renovation

Help! I'm renovating my home! That could easily be the title of a new series on HGTV. But for most of us, no designer with a team of professionals comes rushing in after that exclamation. So, if you're considering a home renovation, you've come to the right place. Read on for tips to ensure you get the "Before & After" moment you want. 

Renovating your home is a big undertaking, both financially and emotionally. For it to be successful, you need to be clear on your goals, and that brings us to Tip #1. 

Find your "Why"

Figure out the core reasons for your renovation and stick to them. Have you been saving and planning for years, now ready to create your dream home? Are you just looking to add a little more function to tide your family over until you buy your next home in a couple of years? Or maybe you’re just doing a few projects to get your home ready to sell for top dollar. 

Whatever your motivation for selling, clearly articulate it and then stick to it. If your goal is to sell either immediately or in the near future you don’t want to add unnecessary costs to your reno that won’t recoup when you sell. That means, staying on budget and not getting lured in by luxe or overly individual paint colors and finishes. Keep costs low and design with resale value in mind. Speaking of budget, let move on to Tip #2. 

Get An Inspection

Get an inspection? Yup. You want a licensed inspector to check out every inch of that bad boy and let the report inform your reno decisions. A good inspector will check from basement to attic for moisture, mold, and rot. They’ll also check your heating and cooling systems, roof and foundation. Think how great it would be if you could address upfront any issues a buyer could use to negotiate a lower purchase price. 

But where can you find a good licensed home inspector in Cleveland, OH??
Don’t sweat it. We know a guy (wink, wink). We at Keystone Home Inspections have been hired by your neighbors for home inspections for years. Our home inspectors are licensed professionals trained to minimize the chance of uncovering any expensive surprises when you open up your walls. Ready for Tip #3?

Don’t Skimp On The Basics

While it’s natural to hate spending money on the things you can’t see, that’s often a critical step in protecting your reno investment. Are you looking to make your home “smarter?” Don’t neglect upgrading your electrical. Want to upgrade your shower to the rainforest, multi-jet experience? Get a plumber in there to upgrade your plumbing. It’ll be money well spent when you and your family are not living with fire or flood hazards. 

Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re looking to sell or not, you want to protect your investment and make sure your improvements increase your home’s value. With that in mind, think about your windows, doors, appliances. These can make the cost of maintaining your home easier on your wallet in the long run. Also, give the exterior of your home a once over. Some paint and fresh plantings can go a long way to increasing curb appeal, sale appraisals. 

No matter what kind of renovation you have planned, we hope you’ll let our licensed home inspectors of Cleveland, OH help you get the “Reveal” moment you deserve. 

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