Fall Home Improvement Tips To Help You Prepare for the Harsh Winter  

Memories of the just ended summer heat are beginning to fade away and here comes fall season. It is time you considered a few home improvement chores to prepare for the approaching harsh winter and prevent costly repairs the next spring. A Cleveland home inspection service will come in handy if you want a smooth, safe winter experience. Here are a few home maintenance tips to ensure everything is in tiptop shape:

 Take Away Window AC Units

You probably use window AC units during the summer, so you want to remove them in time of cold weather. If you feel that you must leave the window AC units in, it is important to consider covering the exterior of the unit using an insulating wrap. The reason you are doing this is to keep the cold air out.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

An efficiently functioning furnace will help you beat the cold. Ensure the filters of the furnace are replaced or cleaned adequately. An inspection of the heating system may reveal problems that would have remained unnoticed until winter time, something that can be costly for you, needless to mention the inconvenience it may cause.

 Check the Chimney and Fireplace

If there are cracked or missing mortar and bricks, a chimney sweep or mason should repair them. The creosote that has build-up in the fireplace flue should be removed. A chimney technician will need to look up inside the flue to ensure the damper is opening and closing properly. The flue should be free of leaves, branches, and bird’s nests or other obstructions, which may prevent its efficiency in releasing smoke and gases, or increase the risks of having a fire. 

Seal Air Leaks

Sealing up cracks and openings in door frames, windows, and between trim and siding will help prevent the free movement of air, which may increase the energy costs. The areas where wires and pipes enter the house should be looked at to ensure that they are air and water tight. Adding weather-stripping around the window and door frames will ensure you keep your energy cost minimal.

 Attic Ventilation

You want to ensure the attic insulation is fitted properly and does not cover vents along the eaves to do away with winter ice dams occurring on the roof. A home inspection service will ensure your attic ventilation is in good shape and there are no plants and debris, and that rodents or birds cannot find their way into the house.

 Check the Roofing System

A roofer should be called in to inspect the roof for warning signs such as buckled, missing, or cracked shingles. The roofer will also look up for rust spots on flashing. Clogged gutters may encourage ice dams that could, in turn, lead to expensive repairs. Gutter cleaning helps remove gunk, twigs, and leaves. The downspouts need cleaning to ensure there aren’t obstructions that could cause overflows to occur in the gutters.

Wall and Siding Repairs  

You want to check for things like chipped paint that may allow water to reach the siding, hence damaging it. Any flaking paint should be removed and the surfaces repainted. Walls forming on cracks and foundation need repairs. Caulking cracks on walls and sidings will prevent mold and water damage or infestations by rodents.    

Yard, Gardens, and Driveways  

Check with a tree care professional to inspect your trees. An arborist can help with tree care in fall; trimming is recommended at this time. Raking leaves will promote the growth of the plants in spring. You also want to prepare yard equipment and store them. Drain fuel from your gas-operated equipment including leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws before storing them. Drain garden hoses as well and set up your snow equipment such as the snow blowers. 

Hiring trusted Cleveland home inspectors will help you identify any home improvement and repair issues you should be doing in fall before the winter season arrives. This way, you will have a peaceful cold weather and won’t encounter expensive repairs when winter is gone.

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