Fall Is The Best Time To Inspect A House

“Location, location, location!” It’s the battle cry and the mantra for everyone and anyone who “knows” real estate. Experience with buying a home will also likely teach you that the “best” time to go house-hunting is usually going to be around Springtime, when the grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and kids are getting ready for their summer vacations. But the savvy home shopper, after a little consideration will realize that all of these things add up to one simple truth: if you want a real deal, do your shopping and set your appointment with Inspections By Keystone in the Fall!

Hear us out on this: we know Black Friday has become a traditional holiday and everyone wants to get in on the action, but really, is that really a “good” idea to head to the mall the day after Thanksgiving to do all of your Christmas shopping? Of course, it isn’t! The shoppers who know what they’re doing are at the stores the day after Christmas to take advantage of all of the clearance sales! That’s when toys and decorations can be found for pennies on the dollar and there’s virtually no-one around to fight you for them!

With real-estate, the best time for home shopping is in the Fall, right after everyone else has already gotten done with the nonsense of putting a bid down on a house, only to have another buyer outbid them, then deciding if they want to try to qualify for the higher mortgage and take another hit to their credit ratings with the added inquiry just to risk being outbid again and start the cycle over.

Spring is for “Window-Shopping”

As the Spring starts melting away the ice and snow of the Winter and people start venturing back outdoors and dreaming of “new beginnings”, many begin to think about buying a new home. If they have kids, they’re thinking about how Summer break will be the perfect time to move without disrupting school.

With that in mind, those who do their house hunting in the Fall and Winter tend to be less about “deals” and more about value. There may not be quite as much inventory to choose from, but there won’t be as much competition, either. Home inspectors, Realtors® and banks will likely be more willing to work with you during that “off” season when there aren’t quite so many fish for their nets.

It’s a Green New World and You Can Be a Part of It

These days, efficiency has come right out into the spotlight. Whether you want to politicize the issue of climate change or not, your energy bill is going to be higher if you don’t pay attention to the energy efficiency of your home. Your pocketbook doesn’t care whether or not you believe climate change is a hoax, and drafts are going to be easier to find in, well, draftier weather. Thermography equipment reads temperatures and translates them into color images to help determine where insulation may be needed or if a window needs replacing.

In the Spring and Summer, when everything is pretty-much the same temperature, (read: HOT!) thermography equipment isn’t likely to pick up many drafts. Then, come the Fall and Winter, when your electric bill is sky-high, you might be wondering why, exactly, you’re paying so much to heat your new house. After all, the last thing you want to do is fork out another few hundred dollars to have some additional insulation put in after everyone’s already moved in and it’s a big mess that nobody wants to go through. You could have just saved yourself the effort and had your house inspected during the Fall, when the weather is cooler and the thermography equipment can show you where the cold spots are before all of that even starts, saving money and headaches!

So, there you have it. June may be the traditional month for weddings and Spring may be the traditional season for house-hunting. However, whether you’re building a home or shopping for one, Fall is the time you’re going to want to have it inspected. Contact Inspections By Keystone now and settle in in time to celebrate the end of 2020 with the rest of us!

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